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Monkey3 live im White Pig!!!

Monkey3 started during the year 2001 as a musicians community dedicated to jam-sessions. The overall intonations of this improvisations, due to everybody s influences, was in a stoner-rock vibe. Attracted by this experience, the band was finally formed as a quartet, Picasso - Bass, Walter - Drums, Boris - Guitar and Mister M. - Sampler & Keys, and decided to create its own musical world.

"Monkey3", the first album of the band, was released in march 2003. Following this production, Monkey3 inked a deal with the Belgian label Buzzville Records. The record has been re-released in a bigger way in june 2004.

Monkey3 started to built a good "live" reputation thanks to their particular sonic universe embellished by visual projections on the bass drum and the quality of their "wall of sound".

"39 laps", the second Monkey3 s album, was recorded during april 2006 and released in November 2006. In between, Monkey3 appeared on a split E.P with the stoner-rock act Hypnos69.

To promote their music, during the past years, Monkey3 toured in Belgium, Netherlands, U.K, France, Switzerland and Germany playing with acts such as Alabama Thunderpussy, Mono, Honcho, Colour Haze, Los Natas, Dozer, Hypnos 69, Houston swing engine, Sparzanza, NIN, Ozric Tentacles.

With the new tunes and with the acquired experience, Monkey3 will set up a more bewitched and unique show in order to follow what has been described as the "ultimate psycostoner experience".


White Pig
Rittergasse 1
Bad Frankenhausen

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