White Pig Rittergasse 1
Bad Frankenhausen[mehr erfahren]


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mit Bowel Evacuation(Gore Grind)Cottbus+Trojaner (Grind/Noisecore)Bad Langensalza +Saprobiontic (Brutal/Death) DresdenSAPROBIONTIC is a german death metal band from Dresden, Saxony. Formed in December 2012 by Ex- Profanation guitarist Chris and Panzerkreuzer, Ex- Disembowel guitarist Type the band became more as a side project for these guys. During the next few month a couple of songs were written to create their own interpretation of brutal music. In spring 2013, Phil (Ex- Fear the existence) joined the band to do the vocals.

A few weeks later, in July 2013 a bass player was found in Nadine (Ex- And still I chase the sun). Due to her influences and her "galloping" rythms she became an excellent complement for the low tunes.In December 2013, Phil and the rest of the band decided to quit the cooperation. Phil was replaced by Maik (Cannibal Instinct) in the same month.TrojanerAus den Wurzeln, der seit 1997 bestehenden Grind/ Noisecore Band "Dregs of Society" entstiegen, gründeten Zwirni und Hoschi 1999 die Band Trojaner.Bowel EvacuationBiografieBowel Evacuation 4 Mann aus Cottbus


White Pig
Rittergasse 1
Bad Frankenhausen

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